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By design, or maybe by a twist of fate, you’ve stumbled across my little corner of the Internet. Welcome. I’ve been taking photos since I got a Kodak 110 camera for my thirteenth birthday. Enthusiastic experimentation with this quickly revealed my talent for things photographic.

After graduating from college with a qualification in photography I was hired by a professional photographic company. My assignment was to go abroad to work on cruise ships for six months, which expanded into the better part of a decade. I spent my twenties traveling around the world several times, covering hundreds of thousands of miles and shooting tens of thousands of photographs in the process.

During this time I met my lovely wife, and now I live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Ten years of constant photography had burned me out somewhat, and several years passed before I became inspired to start taking pictures again. Although photography is no longer my primary source of income, I have rediscovered my passion for taking photos. This website will serve as my gallery to the world. Check back often for new pictures, and if you don’t find any, write me and tell me to take some more. We all need a kick in the pants once in a while.